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Vintage Jewelry Drawer

Vintage Jewelry Drawer

Vintage Jewellery Drawer

Hello everyone, Riddhi here with my first DT project vintage jewellery drawer created with amazing products by TECS. I have fallen in love with these products. Hope that you will like the techniques and the project.

An antique jewellery box–

To create this project, I have used

➡️Big Drawer base


➡️Mod podge

➡️Texture paste


➡️Thai paper clay

➡️Decoupage paper

➡️Metal wooden, Resin embellishments

➡️Inka gold


➡️Medical bandage roll

➡️PVC glue

➡️Stencilling brush

➡️Chalk Paints – Black




Aqua summer


Steps to follow:

Clean the base, apply chocolate color on the base. Apply algae color on the borders of the box and drawers. Apply 2 coats of colors.

Take Decoupage paper and Mod page. Apply Mod podge on the sides, front of the drawers on the top. Then stick Decoupage paper on it with decoupage glue.

Take the stencil and apply texture paste on the back and side of the box. Apply it randomly in any pattern.

Vintage Jewelry DrawerVintage Jewelry Drawer

I have taken a few molds and will take out some embellishments with using Thai paper clay.

Apply black color on wooden metal, resin and clay embellishments.

embellishments with using Thai paper clay.

Take a piece of bandage and color it with algae, hazelnut and chocolate color.

Blend the edges of Decoupage paper with using some colors like aqua summer, chocolate, hazelnut with the help of stencil brush.

I have closed the script stencil and done stencilling on the drawers. On the sides, I have used Geometrical stencil. In both, I have used tree ivory color fir stencilling.

For the decor part, I have taken a piece of lace and stick on one side of the jewellery box. Take wooden embellishments and stick it.

Now stick the bandage and then frame.  Take clay and metal embellishments and arrange it.

On the top, we will stick clay embellishments with PVC glue and stick all the embellishments with a glue gun.

Apply chocolate color on the textured paste and then apply Inka gold on the textured part.

Apply algae color on embellishments with using dry brush techniques. Take aqua summer technique to give some effects on it.

For true ivory color for highlight effects. Lastly, apply Inka gold for highlighting embellishments and edges of the jewellery box.

Hope you all liked the jewellery box and the process of making it. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the project and please drop your valuable comments in the comment section. Thank you…😊