TECS Design Team 2020 May to October

Hi dearies, a heartfelt welcome to our new superbly talented, creative and passionate designer team members aboard —Meraj Zaidi, Rimjhim Garg, Zarna Khantil Dixit, Reetika Sidana, Tanushi Gupta, Bindiya Bhavsar, Reena Mehta Prabhakar, Riddhi Anovadia, Nidhi Gupta, Ranjana Jindal, Annu Pal, Nandhini Vasandan, Monika Aggarwal, Pooja Gadre, Neena Choudhry Arora, Ritvik Garg and Neha Phutela Mehta….Blog Coordinator Anika Mittal

Each artist is a gem who will inspire you all with their beautiful, outstanding, amazing and inspirational creations along with pictorials and video tutorials everyday…Everyone has precise skills and perfections in varied fields and genre of crafting. So let’s start a new and fresh journey with posts and with every post, you will get new ideas, new techniques and lovely concepts as treat to eyes.

Here is our lovely and super talented blog Coordinator–

Hi buddies, I am Anika Mittal, a New Jersey, USA based artist and crafter, born and raised in India. I have completed my textile designing education from India. I am a multi talented artist, working in Indian folk arts- Warli and Madhubani, Mandala art, Zentangle, Acrylic, Pouring art as well as in decoupage, crafting, miniatures, Altered Da Paris and resin art.

I have studied acrylic painting techniques at DuCret  School of Art, NJ. I always try to apply the strengths of my mediums to achieve the finest finish for art pieces. I am also an experimental artist. Every time I find any interesting new art, I work hard on that and tried to get it to the beginner through perfection. I take classes in one of the biggest Art & Craft Store chain in USA–Michael’s Stores.

I also use my art for social causes. I am an active instructor at hickory corner library, NJ. I am a volunteer member of WWAC, West Windsor ,NJ. and participated in Art All Night, NJ exhibition. My work got selected in a jury art show at WWAC, NJ. I also participate in craft fairs and exhibitions. Thanks a lot for making me a part of TECS Family, I would love to be blog coordinator of TECS Team.

Here are our other amazing and super talented Team Members—

First of all I want to thank Team TECS for having trust in my work and giving me this honorable opportunity to be its part and share my creative work with other talented crafters.

My crafty journey began when I was a child…instead of toys I would crave for colors, fancy papers, everything discarded in the house would get into my stash and I would wait for my vacations to create something beautiful and useful out of it 🙂
This transformation from waste to best has taught me the same about life and people…no situation is completely out of order and no person is completely useless…everything has a meaning and a purpose…we only need to work on it with our dedication and positive approach and any situation can be won over and any person can be changed to be a better one.

Formally, I worked with Pidilite Industries’ Hobby Ideas which was the first Craft Store in Mumbai with their international range of craft products. As a Design Consultant I designed and created projects for them conducted workshops, gave demos, made craft videos for them, got to work with internationally acclaimed craft teachers from U.S. A. An experience to remember and cherish always.

I have held solo exhibitions and supplied my designs to high profiled lifestyle stores here in Mumbai. I have designed and created lot of cards, candles, decoupaged items, mixed media, paper crafts, altered arts, oil paintings on canvas…or I should say I have always loved experimenting and exploring different mediums into varied forms incorporating them into a new creations.

Although a post graduate in Sociology, my soul, my heart and my  mind kept studying art n craft in all its glory observing the beautiful nature around us where every single creation is a God’s miracle…inspired by existence and its beauty, I kept exploring and learning with my own trials and errors and in this ongoing journey of crafting I have realized there are no rules here…no boundaries…even an error or mistake done leads to a beautiful technique… my message to all the crafters is that all of us, each one of us is unique with our own style and like different flowers in a garden we all create differently and together make this world of art look beautiful… so keep crafting…do err…keep exploring…be happy n keep spreading love n beauty through your work.

Think, visualize, make and keep repeating it. Pay attention to the nature and draw ideas from the Grand Designer.

Remember…”The woods would be silent if no birds sang except those that sang the best. “This quote from poet Henry Van Dyke reminds us not to waste our talents or get discouraged if others are more accomplished or talented.

Hello.. My name is Rimjhim Garg.. I am from Bangalore.. I was an engineer by profession. My love for art and craft made me start my crafting career in 2015 when I was working in Accenture as business analyst. I started ArtDelight Group in 2016.

Art and craft has been my interest since childhood. But due to regular 9-5 job, it was very difficult to take time for arts. 2018, I left my job and converted my passion into profession.
Today I conduct painting parties and DIY workshops all accross India. I am mostly into paintings, decoupage, upcycling. Vintage rustic is my style. I love to learn new techniques and experiment with different products.

I am really honoured to be the part of TECS DT team. Hope my contribution to this crafting world will help newcomers to engage more in arts and crafts.

Hello all, I am Zarna Dixit, an artist based at Pune. I have done my Bachelor’s in computers and Masters in IT. Although I have worked for 5+ years in IT, crafting has always been passion. In the earlier days, I used to paint using various mediums, soft pastels and charcoal being my favorites. It’s always a challenge to work in corporate as well as follow your passion.

I am really glad I got the courage to take the plunge to quit my job and follow a full fledged carrier into arts and crafts. It was all possible thanks to my husband and my son😊.It’s been exactly 2 years of my journey, and I am so amazed at the knowledge I have gained all along the journey! In this meantime, I have nurtured my very own brand and it’s growing really well!

I started my journey with Decoupage, and it surely is my first love. However my creative instincts and inquisitiveness never let me stick to just one art. So all along the journey I have learnt various new art forms like Resin, Mixed Media, Alcohol Inks, Sculpture Painting and Clay sculpting. I feel super proud that I am a self taught artist for many of the techniques mentioned above. I always have this excessive desires to keep on experimenting until my creative soul gets satiated 😊

I am extremely thrilled to have been selected as the Design Team for TECS. The moment I got to know about it, my joy had no bounds. Being my very first opportunity as a DT for any brand, I am sure to give the best of my creative streak and create some amazing home decor artifact’s for you all.

Hello. I am Reetika Sidana, a special educator by profession. I opted to take a break from my career to become a homemaker. I used that time to work on my creativity and artistic skills, only to discover my true love of CRAFTING.
At first, I started with paper quilling and gradually I turned my hand towards doing other crafts as well. I started gifting my artwork to friends and family once I ran out of display cabinets and that’s when I decided to launch Kraftkari By Reetika.

What I truly revel in is making flowers via various techniques and doing decoupage. I recently started working with vinyl and in fact enjoy it very much because of its ability to be integrated with any craft. Due to my husband’s job profile, I have lived in various parts of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow and now Ahmadabad. I take inspiration from the local art forms and designs to incorporate them in my work .

I keep myself updated with the latest trends by attending regular workshops. They say, once a teacher, always a teacher and so I also conduct classes both online & in person for adults .I encourage them to develop sensibilities and unleash their creativity.
Rakhi, my mentor has always trusted me and encouraged me to take big steps in this colorful path of my life. And being a member of the Design Team for TECS is a giant step. Thank you TECS!!!

Hello everyone! I am Tanushi Gupta, a gold medalist in Msc. Chemistry based in Delhi. I am a homemaker, a crafter, and an artist at heart. As a child, I always loved craft and painting. Driven by my passion for hand crafting, I initially started making beautiful handcrafted products for my loved ones which I shaped it into a small brand. Eventually, I expanded my spectrum and made many new products. My recent love is for Decoupage and clay art. i also enjoy knitting and hand embroidery.

My major interest lies in experimenting with various techniques and creating my own ways of crafting. Creating beautiful home decor objects and handmade gifts are my favorite projects. I always look forward to update myself to latest art and craft trends. I take classes for craft forms and also conduct workshops.

I am super excited to be a part of the TECS Design Team. It will be a great platform to showcase my crafting skills and I look forward to inspire you all with my creations.

Hi, My self, Bindiya Bhavsar…an interior designer and Art & Craft teacher , a woman of many interests : a mixed media artist,Canvas artist and designer who loves experiments and developing new techniques and skills. I have been crafting since 2016, started scrap booking, card making, flower making etc in 2016 -2018 and mixed media art in 2017 when I got totally addicted.

My projects are texture and art medium – based. I make paper flowers, canvas paintings, layouts, card making, collages, altered art, decoupage, scrapbook, album, handmade flowers, tags, mixed media, paintings- and many more. I always try to create textures, patterns n theme with mixed media touch on my every project to give a new look with unique concepts. I am so much thankful and happy to be a part of TECS Design Team and would love to share my best with you all here…

Hello, This is Reena Prabhakar here. I am an Arts graduate from Mumbai. According to me everyone is blessed with some different skills. It’s just that you need to explore that side of yours. Since childhood I had a liking towards up-cycling things that goes in scrap.
Time passed by I experimented clay work, sculpting and all types paper crafts etc. I always like experimenting new things. Just a year later I started exploring miniature work and I realized this is it!!

I love creating real life structures into miniature models. I am really looking forward to be a part of TECS designing team. This will be my first ever experience. Thanks for trusting my work.

I am Riddhi Anovadia, mother of an amazing kid. Coming to my educational background I have done ,Jewellery designing and Commercial arts. I have been playing with art since my childhood. It has been a continuous passion for last 23 years for the art form. Starting from ceramic work, mural art, papermache and turning my own table of the art world to trousseau packing, paper craft, mix media and decoupage.

During my 23 years journey l have honed my aesthetics and technical skills. I am ardent to learn new techniques by upgrading my portfolio with some very unique ideas. Loved to be a part of TECS design team. Looking forward to showcase my skills. Awaiting to inspire you guys with my craft form

Nidhi Gupta here, I am a YouTuber who focuses on creating and posting Indian food recipes videos for food lovers.
I have started my channel named “Eazy2Cook – Make Yourself a Perfect Cook”. In my channel I have posted pure vegetarian recipes that are easy to prepare with less efforts and with easily available ingredients. My channel has more than 20 Million Views and approx. 175 K Subscribers and growing. 500+ videos has been uploaded and the count is increasing.

This is good opportunity for me to join TECS Design Team as Cooking & Baking Artist to share more with more buddies. Thanks a lot for providing such Platform.

I’m Ranjana from Bangalore, a passionate crafter, homemaker & a mother of 17 yrs old… I’m post graduate in Microbiology & now a full time crafter. My crafting journey began back in 2015 when we moved to Bangalore… away from family, relatives & friends is when I got a lot more free time and I decided to persue my childhood hobby of art n craft. Earlier I used to do painting, quilling, embroidery cardmaking, bottle art etc. But my curious little mind wanted to explore more n learn new forms of art…
I’m a self taught artist who learnt mostly through online videos, some crafting classes and most importantly – practicing… With so much inspiration around us on social media, slowly my work got noticed & appreciated by friends and recognized by big crafting brands…
Since then there is no looking back. I followed my heart & doing what I love and today I’m a well known crafter making versatile projects using various techniques including Decoupage, Quilling, Image transfer, Gilding, Mixed media etc. I keep on exploring new things as I love all forms of art…
I’m truly grateful to Mrs. Rakhi Mittal & team TECS for giving me this opportunity and look forward for a long lasting association…


HI! I am Annu Pal…I’m passionate about 3 things in my life: Firstly I am passionate about human’s best friend Dogs, Secondly I am passionate about Crafting and Thirdly I am passionate about Photography.

I live in Haryana (India) with my parents and my cute fur baby – a mountain dog. I have been crafting since childhood as I have an artistic background. The one person that I want to thank for introducing me to this beautiful world of Crafting is my PAA, who also wanted to be an artist but somehow was not able to pursue this field but now he watches all his dreams come true in me. About 6 years back I started taking my crafting seriously and made it as my profession. I have done thousands of projects thus far. I can proudly say that my passion for crafting that I had on the first day is just increasing and increasing day by day with my Love for Art that is also growing with each of my new projects. My each breath of life starts with Crafting.

All my creations are inspired by my photography I love to create my clicks into my crafting when it comes to flowers, birdies, landscapes etc…now that is My Style Of Crafting. I love doing 3D projects personally but I also love to try everything new in this world of crafting. I hope you will also enjoy viewing my creations in the same way I enjoy creating them. Thanks a lot TECS for choosing me as Design Team Member, looking forward to make this session memorable for everyone.

I am Nandhini and was a software engineer by profession. I have always been fascinated with paintings, art and craft since my childhood days.Having taken a sojourn from my career post marriage, travelling places has been a gift endowed on us by the Defense Services. I chose to put my passion into life by becoming an avid crafter and give life to my own creations through classes and workshops.

After a few years of self-indulgence, I have been free-lancing under my own brand name, ‘Art Gala by Nandhini’, where i exhibit my creations. Over the years, my well-wishers, friends, craft colleagues and ever-growing customer base have helped me grow into a confident, mature and vibrant crafter.I enjoy all craft forms and try to explore new techniques and trends. My interests include decoupage, mixed media, quilling, clay murals, flower making, scrap-booking, card making, candle craft, soap making, string art, photography, card making, glass painting, oil and acrylic painting with decoupage, miniature works and mixed media tops my favorites which rekindles my imaginations and innovations.

I love to expand my skills by learning new art and craft forms and I am thrilled to be part of this super talented group “TECS design team”. I’m looking forward to work with the ever growing list of world class product range of TECS, to work with like-minded crafters and inspire you all with my creations.

Being creative is not my hobby, it is a way of life(@ peace of mind) MONIKA GUPTA, Crafter for life & Dietician by education from Lady Irwin college , Delhi. Married in ‘Wowcity’ – BANGALORE for the last 13 years. Budding crafter and artist since childhood started professionally from 2014. I love my art , I like to capture the beauty in different mediums like : decoupage, water color, relief art , card making n similar ones . Different Medium allows me to express different ideas. I always believe that it’s never too late to learn new skills and smiling faces of my clients has always been my driving force . Heartfelt thanks to Rakhi for giving me this opportunity and the TECS team which will help me pursue things that i m passionate about and share my creative ideas with the world.

I’m Neena Arora and I have been crafting since the age of 5. I started teaching drawing when I was in 8th standard. I also taught craft in schools and ran many workshops. I am a passionate crafter who loves scrapbooking, decoupage , flower making mixes media  and many more
I keep trying my hands on different types of art and craft. I also like to share and explore new concepts and techniques. Thanks to TECS Team, would love to work with all…

My name is Neha Phutela Mehta,currently settled in Melbourne,Australia. I am a software Engineer and a passionate Certified Crafter :).
Crafting for me is the joy of finding something which makes you truly happy and excited to get out of
the bed each day. It all began since my childhood,but because of my studies I was not able to continue it. It started again with a thought of distributing customized return gifts to all the guests on my daughter’s fifth birthday. I created Name Boards for all her friends with different themes.To my surprise,I gained lots of appreciation from everyone. And infact, I started getting orders for personalized gifts. My journey as a crafter began at that time.Since then I never looked back.

I keep on upgrading my crafting skills by learning and trying new art forms. I mostly love creating textures on raw wood like distressing,wood tanning, Altered de paris,stone effect,stenciling etc. I am super duper excited to be a part of TECS DT team. Thank you so much for providing me this opportunity to present my crafting skills and I would love to motivate and inspire other crafters to ROCK in the crafting Industry.

Hi all, Ritvik Garg here…An aspiring Chef…right now completing Hotel Management Course from IHM Doon and been an intern at WGoa 5 Star Beach Resort, planning to go abroad for higher studies…I just love to get dipped in Chocolate, digged in cakes and dumped in pastries…I love music, biking and surfing around while tasting different types of cuisines and desserts wherever I go. I love photography too and an animal lover I am.

Thanks a lot TECS for providing a chance to be with such talented artists and crafters. I I would love to share my quick n fun recipes with you all by using awesome products of Anra Crafts and TECS, hope you all would love these.

A big hello to everyone….myself Pooja based in Pune..I am an interior designer by profession and a passionate crafter…my passion for art, creativity and handmade stuff push me to start my own firm E Decor studio…I am always eager to learn new art forms.

My style is more of vintage & shabby chic with lots of intricate work and textures. I love to try new things always. Lot of my friends & family ask me to share my knowledge so recently started conducting online workshops. I am so honored to join TECS family. It’s like my dream come true. I really hope i will be successful in inspiring you with my creations.

Thank you for giving me this beautiful opportunity..

Happy Crafting!!!