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My Sweet Home — Miniature Table Clock

Hi all, I am Reena Prabhakar Mehta here with an out of the box miniature project — My Sweet Home in form of table clock. Just put a table clock like this on any table and see the magic, a simple table will turn into an awesome decor along with unlimited charm and beauty of miniatures.

Materials used for Table Clock box

For outer base I have used this base—

Inner walls are textured using

Anra crafts textured paste
Chalk paints that are been used are

Melted Horizon

Midnight Sky

Soft Sun



Few of the miniatures, plants and wooden cutouts are from TECS such as dial, rack, door etc.

Rest are made from Clay, wire, plastic etc.
Try your hands to make one for your home and loved ones. And share your creations with us, we would love to see your creativity. Thank u for checking out the details.