Geared Time — Mix Media Clock

Hello Buddies, this time I have come up with a very unique, classic and vintage and Steampunk style Wall clock with lots of beautiful hangings.I m sure you are going to love this.

Why did we use ?

Materials used

Chalk paints:
1.Soft sun
2.Bloomed sun
3.Breezy blue
4.Tanned tone

Metallic paint:
1.Vintage golden

1.White gesso

Wooden chippies
1. Steampunk gears
2. feathers
4. steampunk key
5. Dream catcher
6. Butterflies
7. Numbers

Metal Charms:
1. keys
2. coins
3. gears
4. metal chain
5. Jump rings
6. brads

1. Mdf steampunk style base
2. Acrylic front cover
3. Clock machine

Glue :
1. Decoupage Glue
2. Hot glue Gun
3.Glossy accent

Try one for your Home too….Bindiya Bhavsar with love!!!