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Antique Magical Mirror Vase

Creativity is nothing but experimenting,  taking risks, growing,  breaking rules,  making mistakes and still u can have fun….

And to create…….

Start wherever you are

Use whatever you have

Do whatever you can….

But if u have wonderful products what all our mostly loved products from The Elements of Craft Studio….. we can create magic….

So here I proudly present my Guest DT project with the amazing products by TECS. I m totally in love with the products and the final outputs.

A Magical vase with Antique mirror effect

To create this antique vase, I used

1. A glass vase as base

2. Candace Mirror spray

3.Black M-seal

4. Few moulds

6. Chalk paints shades – chocolate

– Baby pink

– rustic-russet


Steps to follow :

1. Clean the vase with nice cleaner… can take any cleaner… can use colin, can wipe off with baby wipes,  can dip a clean cloth to vinegar and can clean it too…..

2. Spray a gentle coat of cadance mirror spray inside the vase and spread it uniformly..

3. spry a mixture of 40% vinegar 60% water immediately once u apply the mirror spray

4. take paper towel and make a ball…. dab on the vinegar water mixture spray to get really antique look of the mirror

This really amazing effects I have got with this procedure 😘😘

5. I selected few moulds to take out my Embellishments to pass on this beautiful vase. I used Mseal black to take out Embellishments from the moulds as it’s very reliable and durable.

6. I arranged all the moulded figures on the vase in circular directions and even few on the base

7. it takes 25 to 30 mins. to dry and get ready to accept the paints

8.On moulded figures, initially I painted with chocolate shade of TECS chalk paints by adding a little black gesso to get a little darker tone to show the depth

9.Flowers I painted with Baby pink shade of TECS chalk paints and rest of the figures I painted with the rustic russet shade… it’s a wonderful shade but I wanted a little lighter so I added little white gesso to get my required shade….. finally I highlighted the complete figures by dry brushing with white gesso and further highlighted with little silver dust powder….. and tada…… this superbly stunning vase is readying….

Here are some more glimpses to justify the beauty of this vase….

and I m sure,  I could give justice to this wonderful base i got it from our dear most Rakhi Mittal the owner of TECS…. No pic is justifying the beauty of this beautiful vase….. I m sorry for the poor photography as I couldn’t show u the exact antiquing effects, mirror effects and all sort of vintage effects….🙈🙈🙈but I must say the final output is really super awesome 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Hope you all have enjoyed the process of making this wonderful antique vase and I could inspire u a bit with the techniques… feel free to ask if u have any queries and do leave some love in comment section below…..

Love u all…… Apexa